Aritificial Intelligence (AI) is very complex. It is consisted of computer science, Mathematics, Big Datas, Data Sciences, Analytics, etc. AI can reprecate human thought with high accuratecy, faster, reducing human error, and work continuely. The ability to analyze big data and to respond is very fast.

Foxindo has an excellence team to build this monitoring covid-19’s application with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology. It has the ability to detect human temprature, Face Mask, human movement, etc inside and outside building to minimal the spread of Covid-19. The economy will be back to normal stage again.


The spread of Covid-19 is very fast from human to human, so every one is advised to help each other in order to minimal the spread of this virus by obeying the health protocol.

Pandemic Covid-19 has set back the economy almost all sectors. Many cities have tighten Semi-Lockdown with their own regulation which has causing many businesses can not be operated.

Some cities have already started to loosen up the semi Lockdown and still follow the health protocol, but the awareness of Covid-19 are very low. It needs to be applied with AI Technology to monitoring people 

Everyone has to be cautious and support each other to fight for this Covid-19.

Human being has the limitation of energy, attention, and negligence. So it needs help from Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology for monitoring.

Many big clients have experience the benefit of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology.



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