Foxindo always provides the Advance Technology in Indonesia. Founded in 1991 under the company name PT. Fox Nusantara Computer (Foxindo). Covid-19 Pandemic has been spread so fast in the entire World. Foxindo has a total solution to minimal the spread of this Virus in Indonesia.

There are 3 excellence products which can be comprised each other to fight the Covid-19:

I). Far UV Technology develops the first UV Light with wavelength 222nm is safe for human skin and eyes to eliminate the virus. It can be applied in any places continuously for occupied spaces. The common UV Light in the market with wavelength 254nm can cause damage to skin and eyes also cancer risk.

II). Covid-19 monitoring system uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor people move around with the healthcare protocol in the public areas by detecting body temperature, wearing face mask, social distancing, sick symptum, etc.

III). Wellwit UVC Disinfaction Robotic is using Pulse Xenon Light which has thousand times stronger to destroy Covid-19 in the public areas with a very short time compare to other Robotic that use the LED or Mercury UVC Light.


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